Resources for Applicants

The following is a typical walk-through of the Town's selection process for full and par-time, benefited positions.  We provide this information to assist the candidates who are interested in applying for jobs with the Town.  We hope this information is helpful.  This guide-sheet contains alot of helpful information as it applies to the Town of Mansfield.  We highly encourage all of our applicants take the time to read through it to get a brief understanding of the application / selection process expectations, and to increases their chances of success in those processes and reduce any anxiety they may have regarding those processes.

Sample - Resume

  1. Applicant Tips
  2. Selection Process Walkthrough
  • Candidates who are interested in joining our amazing team can view our openings by visiting our current opportunities.
  • All job advertisements for open positions typically contain a job description.  When completing your application and/or resume, it is important to clearly identify how you meet the qualifications outlined in the job description.  The hiring panel can't make any assumptions about your skills and experiences, and screens all application materials against the job description.
  • Due to the quantity and quality of applicants, it is common for the hiring panel to screen beyond the minimum requirements identified in the job description.  Even in an applicant meets the minimum qualifications outlined in the job description it is not a guarantee they will be invited to participate in the selection process.  Please pay particular attention if a job advertisement contains preferred qualifications.
  • Applicants are required to submit a resume in addition to their abbreviated electronic application.  Since there is so many resume formats the Town offers the following resume writing tips.
  • Employment dates should be in [MM/YYYY] - [MM/YYYY] format.
  • You should describe your job duties and/or accomplishments for each relevant position you list on your resume.
  • Make sure you clearly identify how you meet the qualifications outlined in the job advertisement / description.  Please do not submit a generic resume, chances are you will not be screened in to continue in the selection process.  Tailor your resume for the position for which you are applying this takes about five minutes and greatly increases your chances of being selected for an interview.
  • We do not believe in page limitations you may have been taught for resumes.  We will read everything you submit.  Please be sure to use as many pages as necessary to capture your related skills and experiences.
  • Remember the hiring panel can't make any assumptions about your application materials.  If you do not identify the full dates of your employment you may not be given full credit for your experience.  Job titles vary by industry.  Clarifying your experience by providing duties and responsibilities is the best way to ensure your experience is getting appropriate review.
Message from Human Resources

We would like our applicants to know we are humans and we do read everything that is submitted to us (we do not let the computer screen anyone out) and we have all been in the exact same spot you are in now!  From all of us in the Human Resources Department, we wish you the best of luck and warm wishes on your applicant journey.