FitPass Program

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What is the FitPass Program?
FitPass is an incentive program designed to provide active older adult members the opportunity to become more socially and physically involved in all the Mansfield Community Center has to offer. FitPass runs in six-month cycles.
Each 6-month pass cycle, collect a minimum of 12 stamps over four separate months and you'll be invited to attend our VIP event, exclusively for FitPass participants. 

The current FitPass cycle is September 2019 - February 2020. 
How do I get a FitPass and how do I earn stamps?
  • Pick up your FitPass at the kickoff event, or at the Reception Desk any time during the Pass's cycle.  
  • Each month, one seminar and one social event are offered. Participation in these events will earn you one stamp per event.
  • Swipe in to the Community Center and attend events to collect stamps each month. You must swipe-in to receive credit.
  • By visiting the Community Center 10 times per month, you can earn another stamp. Be sure to make sure you swipe in during each visit. At the end of the month, ask a Receptionist to count your monthly swipes to see if you are eligible for a stamp.
  • Participate in our monthly Health Awareness Challenge and once complete, have a Fitness Attendant stamp your FitPass (up to 1 stamp per month).
  • To be invited to the VIP event, you must turn your completed FitPass in to the Reception Day no later than the last day of the 6-month cycle.

March Events

  • Please note that there will be no FitPass during the month of March as we take a planned recesses from the program. However, we will continue to offer many of our typical seminars, programs and activities in March.