UConn Depot Campus

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UConn's Fuel Cell on the Depot Campus in the Town of Mansfield, CT

The UConn Depot campus is located at the western gateway to Mansfield. The Depot campus includes 240 acres, half of which is occupied. The Depot campus is two miles from the main UConn campus, with established bus service. The vision for the Depot campus is to redevelop the site with a mixture of uses and help to restore some of the architecturally significant buildings on the site.


- Connecticut's flagship university
- Main campus is home to over 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students
- Ranks among the Top 25 public universities in the nation - U. S. News & World Report America's Best Colleges (2018)
- Next Generation Connecticut - $1.5 billion capital investment over 13 years includes construction, renovations, infrastructure, and equipment
- Bioscience Connecticut - $864 million investment in genomics and personalized medicine


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  2. Utilities
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  • TOTAL ACRES: 240
  • ZONING: Master Plan for Mixed Use Development

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