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Main Pool ScheduleOct 12th - Oct 18th 

Main Pool Schedule Oct 19th - Oct 25th 

Main Pool Schedule Oct 25th - Nov 1st 

Current Members Please Check Signup Genius for Available Swim Times.


Starting October 5th the Main Pool schedule will offer a limited number of shared lanes, and will have specific lap swim and general swim times. 


Lap Swim Slots (no general use permitted):

  • Shared Lap Lane - SHALLOW ENTRY - Each lap swimmer must book this lane type independently. NO general use will be permitted. This lane designation is for one swimmer with shallow end entry into the Main Pool. The lane will be shared with a non-related swimmer who has selected "Deep Entry". Lane assignments will be based on arrival times. Swimmers may be asked to change lanes during workouts based on swim pace if deemed necessary by guards. 


  • Shared Lap Lane - DEEP ENTRY - Same as above, but you'll be getting in the pool in the deep end! 


  • Single/Couple Lap Lane - This is a LAP swim lane only to be used by a single swimmer who does NOT desire shared lane use or pairs requesting a shared lane may also reserve this slot. Additional member name must be listed in the comments. If a pair does not reside together, shallow and deep entry will apply. 


General Swim Slots:

  • General Use Lane - This lane time is designated for SINGLE swimmers or PAIRS who reside together desiring general swim access. Lap swimming is NOT required in this lane designation. Additional member name must be listed in the comments. Max two household members. 


  • Family Use Lane - This lane designation is for FAMILY use by two to five members who reside together. Lap swimming is NOT required in this lane designation. Additional member names must be listed in the comments. Max five household members. 


During our Phase 2 opening we will Be using SignUp Genius for reservations.

There is no pool schedule permitting drop in times; however, the allotted swim times will be posted as well as what is permitted during that slot.

The reservation system will show you what times are available on which day. We will release the schedule on Fridays weekly for reservations. Contact us if you have any further questions.  

Time blocks are 1 hr. This includes  a quick rinse utilizing the Rinse & Change Room before you enter the pool, 45 min swim time, and a quick shower and change after your swim.

You will only have a 45 min swimming window. Guards will ask you to exit the pool 10 min before the end of your swim time, no matter if you use the “Shower &  Change Room” after you swim or not. 

Program information, cancellations (including weather cancellations), and a schedule of evening or weekend events are available on a daily recorded voice-mail system by calling 860.429.3015 extension 4.

Links to Additional Schedules:

Click here for our facility hours.

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