Not only does recycling make financial sense (you will save money on trash fees), it is required by state and local law. Residents are expected to keep recyclables separate from trash.The town enforces its recycling law; households with poor or no recycling are subject to fines. For collection service, the cost of recycling is included in the trash service fee. For more information about trash service fees, go to Mansfield Collection Service Recycling Page. At the transfer station, there is no charge for most recyclables. For more information about transfer station fees, go to Mansfield's Transfer Station Page.

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More Information:

A wide variety of items are recycled at the transfer station. Although "typical" household products can be recycled with curbside collection, there is so much more that can be recycled by using the transfer station. Most of the items below are free.

Items:Recycle Where At the Transfer Station?
 Aerosol cans Single stream container
 Aluminum foil & trays Single stream container
 Antifreeze Special tank. Ask transfer station attendant.
 Appliances Scrap metal container. For refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, ask the transfer station attendant.
 BallastsAsk transfer station attendant
 BooksTwo collection boxes, swap shop or single stream container
 Box Springs Ask transfer station attendant
 Brake Fluid Ask transfer station attendant
 Button (Circular) Batteries Collection bucket in recycle building
 Car Batteries Recycle building
 Capacitors Ask transfer station attendant
 Catalogs Single stream container
 Cell Phones Recycle building - electronics box
 Clothing Two donation boxes
 CD Players Recycle building - electronics box
 Computers and all Accessories Recycle building - electronics box
 Corrugated Cardboard Single stream container
 DVD Players Recycle building - electronics box
 Fluorescent Bulbs & Tubes Recycle building
 Glass Jars and Bottles Single stream container
 Grass Clippings Leaf compost pile
 Grocery Bags/Plastic Film and Wrap Recycle building
 Household Items - Gently Used & Small Recycle building swap shop
 Junk Mail Single stream container
 Leaves Leaf compost pile
 Magazines Single stream container
 Mattresses Ask transfer station attendant
 Metal Cans Single stream container
 Milk and Juice Cartons Single stream container
 Motor Oil Waste motor oil tank
 Newspapers Single stream container
 Office Paper Single stream container
 Oil Filters 55 gallon drum by waste oil tank
 Paint Recycle building
 Paint Cans Recycle building
 Paperboard Single stream container
 Plastic Bags/Plastic FilmRecycle building
 Pots & Pans Scrap metal container
 Plastic Containers, except Styrofoam Single stream container
 Printers Recycle building - electronics box
 Propane Tanks Ask transfer station attendant
 Radios Recycle building - electronics box
 Rechargeable Batteries Recycle building
 Scrap Metal Items Scrap metal container
 Shipping Peanuts Recycle building - swap shop area
 Stereos Recycle building - electronics box
 String of Lights Recycle building - designated box
 Televisions Recycle building
 Textiles Three donation boxes
 Tires Tire container
 VCRs Recycle building
 Vegetable Oil Give to transfer station attendant
 Wire Recycle building - wire box