Collection Service Recycling

How to prepare:

All of the items below can be placed together in the recycling cart. You may put out extra recyclables in a cardboard box or bin next to your cart on occasion. For large cardboard, cut it down to a size that will fit in the cart. If the cart is full, place it next to the cart. If you routinely have an overflowing recycle cart, you may get a second cart by contacting the Town at 860-429-3333. The charge is an additional $5 per month.

Recycling Flyer

All together, the items below make up about 50% of household waste. Recycle and save money on trash fees.

Acceptable Cart Items:

  • Clean Paper

Such as newspaper, magazines, junk mail, school papers, window envelopes, catalogs, paperbacks, hardcover books, office paper, paper packing material

  • Cardboard Boxes and Paperboard

Corrugated cardboard (has a wavy inner layer) such as clean pizza boxes and unwaxed paperboard such as cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, beer boxes, paper egg cartons, cracker boxes

  • All Aluminum, Tin, Steel and Bi-Metal Cans

Rinsed out food & beverage cans, pet food cans, clean aluminum food trays & foil, empty aerosol cans, empty paint cans, metal lids

  • Glass Food and Beverage Bottles and Jars

Rinsed out glass food & beverage bottles and jars such as spaghetti sauce jars, pickle jars, wine bottles, lids

  • Plastic Containers

Rinsed out plastic containers such as soda bottles, juice bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles,buckets, yogurt containers, lotion bottles, margarine tubs, plant pots, take-out containers. Keep lids on containers.

  • Milk Cartons, Juice Cartons, Drink Boxes

Rinsed out milk & juice cartons, drink boxes


Belongs in the Trash:

Plastic BagsShredded PaperMotor Oil Containers
Juice PouchesStyrofoam Peanuts, Trays or Packing MaterialPlastic or Wax Coated Paperboard (frozen food boxes, margarine boxes, ice cream containers)
TissuesWaxed PaperLight Bulbs
Paper TowelsPaper PlatesSpiral Notebook Bindings
Soiled PaperPlastic Packing MaterialMetallic & Plastic Wrapping Paper
Inner LinersSoiled Pizza BoxesBroken Glass
CeramicsMirrorsPlate / Window Glass

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